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Tron Bonne at the Beach by GesselschaftGal Tron Bonne at the Beach by GesselschaftGal
Some pencil sketch of Tron, an' a lil Drache flying overhead...
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Wilbury Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2004
GesselschaftGal Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2004
A poisonous quater?! Lol!! Death to Loath! Doom to all!
Alternatively, I guess she could be grinning 'cuz she just buried Glyde's body in the sand...y'know, just leaving his head poking out so seagulls can peck at his skull? She'd have to gag him first, though, to stop him whining...sheesh...Glyde's such a wimp. XD
BlueRobotGirl Featured By Owner May 1, 2004
Tron is happy because she found a quarter and now she can give it to Loath and he will bite it to make sure it's real like in the old days and he doesn't know that it's poisonous and so he will go insane and jump off a cliff and fall to his doom and then Tron will laugh... eer, either that, or she is going to buy a gum from the vending machine and use it in a very complex plot for world domination! bweeehhheeeeeeheeeeee!
GesselschaftGal Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2004
Hehehe! Thanx for teh feedback ^__^! I tried hard!
I know what you mean about the size of the scanner is a piece of piglet poo so I used my friends...and it came out kinda big...probably best not to full view it, the size of it here is the same size of the pad I drew it on anyways! XD
Haaaappy kobun assult! [0_0] Arr!
dia-aren-marie Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2004
Ooooh, that's really good! I love how you did her face ^__^ I really like her grin! She looks so good in that swim suit. *nod nod*

...but that's a rather large scan *full-viewed* O.O Mind shrinking it down a bit~? ^^
firegriffin Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2004
Tron's happy because she launched a happy kobun assault on the beach, thus getting the whoooole thing for herself. Everything. With the Bonne symbol print bikini.

How else could you explain that grin?
shelldragon Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2004  Professional Digital Artist
awesome! - TFG here, very cool, the head is a little large but the details are great. I Soo want a swim suit like that!
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